Project #184 | Garage Ceiling Damage from Leaky Balcony, Boise, ID

Project: Leaky Balcony in Boise, ID

The Problem: Garage Ceiling Damage from Leaky Balcony Above

The homeowners weren’t fond of the look of their balcony situated over the garage, but it didn’t leak… at first.

When they initially decided to renovate, their contractor first built up the balcony with more OSB. Then redwood planks were installed, but higher than the door (a water damage issue waiting to happen).

high maintenance leaky balcony
The height of the redwood planks was only part of the problem that caused garage ceiling damage from this leaky balcony.

A failed attempt at waterproofing included some ice and water shield, plus lots and lots of caulk along the walls.

The homeowners started noticing issues in their garage below the balcony. There was strong evidence of garage ceiling damage from the leaky balcony above. The leaks grew so bad that large pieces of the ceiling had to be removed due to water damage. They decided enough was enough and contacted Duradek of Utah | Dekmax, who put them in contact with Duradek Installer F&G Roofing.

ceiling damage from a leaky balcony
Large sections of the garage ceiling had to be replaced due to leaks from the balcony above.

The Duradek Solution

The installers from F&G Roofing removed the built-up layers of redwood planks and OSB (wet down to the first layer) all the way down to the trusses.

They re-sheeted it with fresh, untreated plywood at a 2% slope for proper drainage. Duradek Cedarwood vinyl membrane was installed to reliably waterproof the above garage balcony. This roof grade waterproofing protected the garage below while creating attractive outdoor living space.

With the leak issues resolved for good and no maintenance needed for the waterproofing, the damaged cut out portions of the ceiling in the garage below could be replaced.
The homeowners called Duradek of Utah the next day to share how pleased they were with the installers from F&G Roofing and their new low maintenance balcony.

former leaky balcony now waterproof with Duradek vinyl membrane
The repaired balcony is water-tight with Duradek Legacy Cedarwood vinyl membrane.


Professional waterproof installations require specialized skills and techniques that many general contractors simply do not have. All authorized Duradek applicators are trained in the details specific to flat roof waterproofing.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #184 with project photos and installer details.

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