Project #179 | Deck Repair Turns into Room Addition, Centerville, UT

Project: Wood Deck Repair Becomes Room Addition

The Problem

It is easy to think of our decks as an ongoing cost, maybe even a money pit. It seems like every few years there is a cost to maintain the deck along with the hassle of doing the work… unless you’re creative and willing to explore different ideas as this homeowner did.

They fixed their deck and made a profit doing it.

In the market for a new home, they found a house that had everything they were looking for—except a home theatre room. The house was in great shape with the exception of the wood deck on the back of the house.

During the closing period of the purchase, while waiting for the big move-in, they began to explore the cost of repairing the deck. They shared their wild idea with a local contractor and he too began the search for solutions.

The contractor came across Duradek and contacted Duradek of Utah, explaining the need for a true walkable waterproof roofing product.

Adding lower level room addition
Wasted space under a rotting, drip-through deck provided the opportunity to create the usable space the homeowners wanted.

The Duradek Solution

The contractor consulted with Duradek of Utah and was matched with a local installer, MBL Construction, that specializes in residential decks. They knew that they could provide a solution to ensure this deck repair becomes room addition.

The homeowner was thrilled to hear there was actually a solution that allowed them to fix the deck with no ongoing maintenance cost. It will last for decades while serving as a roof over their new home theatre room!
So what really happened here?

  • They repaired an old, water-damaged wood deck.
  • They turned the deck into the roof of a room addition.
  • They framed in the slab patio under the deck.
  • They made a home theatre room, adding significant value to the home.

That was a dream come true for these happy new homeowners.

New Roof Deck Over Addition
The deck refinished with Duradek vinyl membrane provided roof-grade waterproofing that allowed them to close in the area below for an extra entertainment room.


Sure, they spent some money on making these improvements. The significant difference is they also added real value to the home. The market for their neighborhood is $80 SF for interior space, they added 384 SF or $30,720 to the value of their new home.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #179 with before and after pictures and installer details.

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