Project #171 | Ground Level Patio Renovation, Lakeview, ON

Project: Ground Level Patio Renovation – Lakeview, ON


Lakeview, Ontario is located on the bluff next to one of the Great Lakes and experiences all sorts of extreme weather changes. Excessive rain, snow and UV rays are just a few of the elements this patio has been exposed to.

Over time, the paint on this patio had begun to crack, causing it to peel off of the wood. Without sanding and repainting the patio, this inevitable degradation of exterior paint has left multiple areas of exposed wood and splinters. This exposed wood is now breeding ground for wood rot which will continue to deteriorate until the wood eventually crumbles. This couple wisely decided to call their local Duradek waterproofing experts for a solution that would last.

Ground level wood patio in need of repair.
Without regular maintenance, exterior wood surfaces are vulnerable to damage from weathering.


Duradek professionals specialize in long-lasting vinyl waterproofing solutions, so they knew that elevating the patio off of the grass would allow for increased air flow without trapping moisture.
New 3/4” untreated plywood was laid out and prepared for the adhesion of the vinyl membrane.

Installed by Lakeview Deck and Rail, Duradek’s Forest Floor Birch vinyl was selected by the homeowners to complement the exterior style. The couple will now enjoy the low maintenance advantages of Duradek’s warrantied protection for many years. Even the stairs and landing are protected with Duradek – and none of it will ever require sanding or re-painting to stay waterproof.

Ground level patio with Duradek waterproof vinyl surface.
With slight elevation for air flow, this ground level patio surfaced with Duradek vinyl will withstand the elements without the need for maintenance.

Job Notes

Duradek expands and contracts through changing temperatures, so Duradek will stand up to the extreme weather conditions of this beautiful Lakeshore locale.

Additionally, Duradek can handle the rigors of snow removal. Snow shovels (plastic edged, not metal) and de-icing agents are completely safe to use on Duradek Vinyl Membranes.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #171 for the complete case history with installer details and before and after pictures.

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