Project #170 | Custom Deck Extension

Project: Custom Deck Extension – Terrace, BC


Phil and Debbie moved into their new house in Terrace, BC knowing there were renovations to be done – particularly to the back deck.

Practical at the time, the house was originally built with only a small concrete patio attached, over looking a large backyard. The new homeowners wanted a generous amount of patio space where they can spend their evenings relaxing, barbecuing for family and entertaining friends. They knew this small deck would not be functional or practical for these gatherings.

The team at DLN Contracting came out to assess the situation and provide a quote. They knew they could transform the unsightly, cracked concrete landing into a beautiful, low maintenance patio. The homeowners opted for Duradek vinyl membrane as a permanent solution.


The project involved replacing the existing patio with a larger, more functional deck approximately 20 x 24 ft. in size. New 3/4″ untreated plywood was laid out and prepared for the adhesion of the vinyl membrane.

The couple chose ‘Forest Floor Alder‘ as a pattern to complement both the current colours of their house and the earthiness of their property. Using Duradek’s specialized waterproofing techniques, DLN Contracting created a water-tight seal on the new deck. With winter right around the corner in Northern BC, the couple knows they are well protected since Duradek easily expands and contracts with the substrate in extreme weather conditions.

In addition to the new deck, DLN Contracting also built a staircase to allow access to the new ground level patio stretching around the remainder of the house.


The couple had previously worked with their local Duradek Dealer, DLN Contracting, on various projects including a small landing on their former home, installing Duradek in Phil’s boat and even some interior renovation work. When it came time to design and renovate a new deck, Phil and Debbie confidently called Doug at DLN contracting to help with their next project.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #170 for the complete case history with installer details and before and after pictures.

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