Project #169 | Boathouse Roof Deck Renovation – Duluth, GA

PROJECT: Dock / Boathouse Roof Deck Renovation with a Time Restriction – Duluth, Georgia


This Duluth, GA homeowner’s lake house dock was in disrepair and needed a complete renovation. In addition to a very unpleasant appearance, the dock deck surface was leaking into the boat house below where the owner’s boat is housed.

Their daughter was about to graduate from high school so they wanted to renovate the dock for a graduation party. The owners not only had a renovation need for their dock, but also a tight timeline to coordinate with the graduation event.

The first priority was a waterproofing solution. The homeowner found the Duradek website and contacted Duradek of Georgia, his local dealer, for information. Once he heard the benefits of our waterproof membrane, he arranged a time and date for a site visit.


After a complete review of the dock, Duradek of Georgia provided the homeowners with a written proposal of the work that would need to be done. The homeowners responded with a time line needed for the project to be complete for the graduation party; along with their color selection of Duradek’s latest offering, Legacy Barnwood vinyl.

This dock renovation included removal of the existing railing and deck surface, and replacing the sagging joists that had been slowly rotting due to the previous leaks. New joists were installed and the deck surface was replaced with ¾” T&G plywood for the installation of the Duradek membrane. Once construction began it was evident that the wood railings that were not maintained would also have to be replaced so parts were ordered for the new railing immediately.


Meeting the timeline was a challenge due to early spring weather in Georgia. For several weeks, rain delayed construction and installation of the membrane. The construction and Duradek installation was done on time, but the railing parts were delayed making everyone nervous for the party date. There was only two days before the party when the parts were received and the work was completed just in time.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #169 for the complete case history with installer details and before and after pictures.

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