Project #164 | Enclosed Roof Deck Repair – Houston, TX

PROJECT: Enclosed Roof Deck Repair – Houston, TX


In 2010, a young couple, both busy and successful professionals, purchased a $650,000 new townhome in an exclusive gated community from what appeared to be a reputable builder. Within a couple of years, water began coming through the ceilings of both their Master Bedroom and Guest Bedrooms.

Repeated warranty calls did not solve the problem and finally the builder walked away, leaving them with no good solution. Numerous failed repair attempts were made by other contractors.


The homeowners finally contacted Duradek dealer Home Defect Analysis & Solutions in the summer of 2013. The company was able to determine that the existing decks, which consisted of a cement material applied directly over bare plywood, needed to be completely replaced.

As with many clients, these homeowners wanted a permanent solution with a solid warranty. It also had to be a product that was suitable for a home of that value and retain an appearance suitable to the upscale community. Duradek Cork Macchiato fit all of their needs and was used to replace both decks on the home.


The Duradek system of waterproofing is the most reliable system for roof decks, not just because of the superior quality of the vinyl membrane, but also because Duradek installers consider the water routing required for each project. In this case, an enclosed roof deck required drains, overflow drains, adequate door clearance and perimeter details.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #164 for the complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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