Project #157 | 2nd Level Deck Renovation – Atlanta, GA

PROJECT: 2nd Level Deck Renovation, Atlanta, GA


This home owner had a beautiful tile deck on their original construction, but it was not built with proper waterproofing materials or any kind of anti-fracture membrane.

Water continued to leak through the cracked grout to the subsurface, and eventually to the underside damaging the deck structure’s original substrate and foundation. After years of unsuccessfully trying to seal the deck using liquid sealants, the leaking continued to do further damage.

Looking for a permanent solution to this problem, the home owner found Duradek’s website.


The home owner called Duradek of Georgia to look at the deck to determine what could be done to solve the problem. After seeing many tiled decks fail in the Atlanta area, they knew exactly how to fix the problem.

After investigating the tile deck and the underside damage, the customer was given 2 options for roof grade waterproofing. First, they would need to remove the tile and subfloor, replace it with 3/4 inch T&G plywood and slope the deck for water drainage.

Then they could either install a.) Duradek Vinyl Membrane; or b.) Tiledek Under-Tile Membrane and resurface with tiles.


When the customer was undecided as to whether they should waterproof with Tiledek and resurface with exterior tiles or simply use the Duradek walkable membrane, a nearby Duradek customer was happy to show-off their deck so this home owner could have a look at Duradek. After seeing the simplicity and affordability of the attractive, low maintenance Duradek membrane, they decided to go with Duradek Forest Floor Alder vinyl.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #157 for the complete case history with installer details and before and images.

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