Project #155 | Cabin Deck Renovation – Hatheume Lake, BC

PROJECT: Cabin Deck Renovation, Hatheume Lake, BC


With cabins or other vacation properties, the priorities of what you need from a deck can be amplified and this cabin’s existing high-maintenance, drip-through deck certainly highlighted a problem.

The owners of this cabin wanted a deck they could enjoy, but they really needed a dry place where they could store their outdoor items. There was no room on the small, lakeside property for a shed; but things like the wheel barrel, shovels, blower, snow mobile, bikes, canoe and patio furniture needed a protected place they could be stored when not in use.

They also wanted to avoid the maintenance their wood deck required and use thier valuable time at the cabin simply enjoying it, not working on it.


While the original deck boards were very overdue for maintenance, the supporting joists were still in good shape. The owners decided to renovate their deck before the supporting joists became water damaged and required replacing for safety.

Since the framework was still in good shape, the Duradek installer was able to lay the fresh 3/4 inch untreated plywood over the existing supporting structure to provide the surface for installing Duradek Cork Espresso vinyl membrane.

The Duradek vinyl on the deck now provides an easy to clean surface, but more importantly, brings roof grade waterproof protection for the area below. The cabin now has an attractive deck and plenty of dry storage below!


Often, high maintenance decks on vacation properties are neglected because your valuable vacation time is better spent on leisure, not on the high maintenance, time consuming task of sanding, staining and sealing. If waterproofing is not addressed regularly and water damage weakens the structure, you can lose a whole season and a lot of money if a complete rebuild is required.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #155 for the complete case history with installer details and before and images.

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