Project #154 | Residential Deck Job Site Repair – Utah

PROJECT: Residential Deck Job Site Repair – Utah


When the construction of a new roof deck was finished, the local Duradek dealer was called on to provide the waterproofing.

After the project was complete with all of the professional waterproofing details provided with a Duradek installation, the vinyl installer left the job site happy.

The next day when work continued on the job site and the windows were being installed, the contractor dropped the 2x8x8 inch frame which landed on its sharp corner, tearing the membrane and making a 1/8” dent in the plywood—compromising the waterproofing and leaving a visual flaw.


Fortunately, the home owner called the Duradek installer right away as she was quite panicked about the waterproofing integrity since the deck was over living space.

The very next day, the Duradek installer was there to solve the problem. He cut a small piece of Duradek vinyl membrane to fill the dented area, cut open the torn area to insert the patch piece and heat-welded the affected area. With a lower heat on the hot-welding gun, he simply melted the two layers of vinyl membrane together and used a roller to press it all together.

The result, a barely noticeable visual difference and an uncompromised waterproof membrane!


The key to the success of this repair is that the owners called the Duradek installer right away, so there was no shrinking or curling of the torn vinyl. The slight imperfection left from the repaired damage was very minimal and hardly noticeable as compared to other waterproofing products like a liquid or fiberglass coating which would have to mixed on-site and very difficult to match to the original tone being repaired.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #154 for the complete case history with installer details and before and images.

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