Project #151 | Residential Deck Repair, Albany, OR

PROJECT: Residential Deck Repair, Albany, OR


The small second floor balcony on this home experienced a water damage problem that is unfortunately common and stresses the importance of doing it right the first time with detailed attention to proper waterproofing.

The contractor who installed the previous waterproof membrane neglected to run the waterproofing membrane up under the siding of the house, which left gaps between the waterproof membrane and the flashing details along the perimeter.

This mistake allowed moisture to make its way through and eventually rot everything. The deck was literally crumbling and provided perfect breeding ground for mould and mushrooms.


The rotted plywood substrate had to be completely replaced while the supporting joists were treated with Terminate to keep the rot from spreading further. Once the plywood was laid and flashing installed, it was prepped with a filler along the flashing edges, the plywood joints and screw holes; sanded smooth and swept clean to be in perfect condition for the application of the Duradek vinyl membrane.

Duradek Okanagan Linen was installed with the proper attention to detail that included running the membrane up and under the siding of the house for a watertight inside perimeter. The outer perimeter was finished with drip edge flashing and a pvc clip to securely fasten the membrane and ensure water that flows off the deck is routed away from the house.


This is a very common scenario of unnecessary repairs due to failures resulting from inadequate waterproofing. Once the rotted wood is removed and the deck substrate is properly prepared for the application of the Duradek vinyl membrane, your Duradek can usually be installed and used in the same day. There is no time required for drying or curing.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #151 for the complete case history with installer details and before and images.

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