Project #146 | Residential Roof Deck Repair, Rehoboth Beach, DE

PROJECT: Private Residential Roof Deck Repair


The previous waterproofing system on this roof deck appeared to be a fiberglass-like surface without the proper flashing, and it had not aged well.

There was insufficient slope to the porch and the main leak seemed to be located at the door. There was softness to the plywood in this area due to the accumulation of moisture over time where the water had been getting underneath the old membrane.

The customers resorted to use of a tarp as a temporary measure to keep water from leaking into the sun room below.


Once the old membrane was removed, the slope of the deck was corrected and new plywood was put down. The customer chose Duradek Ultra Cork Macchiato for their finish.

To solve the main leak, the 3 ft. swinging door was removed and was upgraded to an 8 ft. sliding door. With the Duradek Ultra vinyl brought into the door opening, and then a drain pan laid in place on top, this trouble area was professionally repaired for a water-tight roof deck and a dry room below.


With the professional waterproofing details provided by the Duradek installers, there have been no further leaks from this deck. Even after hurricane Sandy battered the area, there were no calls for repairs!

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #146 for the complete case history with installer details and before and images.


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