Project #141 | Multi Residential Roof Deck Repair, Salt Lake City, UT

Project: Multi Residential Roof Deck Repair, Salt Lake City, UT


This well-known property has a rich history which sadly includes a failed roof deck. The deck was originally covered with EPDM, but since that is not a walkable surface, it was then inadequately coated over with what appeared to be a thick paint.

To complicate matters further, the EPDM was not fully adhered resulting in ripples and rolls in the deck, and the paint coating was only applied to the non-level EPDM. Even further shoddy workmanship was shown as it was discovered that a power line was laying across the deck and was simply covered over with the EPDM which caused the ripples.


The new owner of this property did not hesitate to call his Duradek dealer to prepare this deck for a new tile surface with Tiledek. Because of its 10-year warranty and Duradek’s reputation of reliability, he knew the job would be done right.

The Duradek dealer, Aspen Roofing, cut away the damaged substrate, replaced it with new T&G 3/4” plywood and used a 1/4” notched trowel to apply a bond coat of thinset. Then a 1/2” Durarock CBU was screwed down and finally the Tiledek membrane was fully adhered with D763 latex glue, making the project ready for the tile installers.


This small deck serves as the roof for the entrance to this beautiful house. The entryway was designed with a wood soffit and lighting that needs to be protected. WithTiledek waterproof underlayement, the deck now provides guaranteed roof top protection and the entrance’s lighting and soffit is safe from water damage.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #141 with installer details and images.

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