Project #139 | Deck Addition on Estate Guest House, Lake Lanier, GA

Project: Deck Addition on Estate Guest House, Lake Lanier, GA


Along the shores of beautiful Lake Lanier, this home was purchased as a guest house to a larger estate. The existing deck surface was in poor disrepair. Additionally, the support structure was weak and not up to current construction standards.

Since the homeowner often hosts regional business meetings, the home is ideal for conferences and at the same time provides lodging for his clients.

The owner’s goal was to expand the deck to accommodate a deck entry and walkway to the side of the house from the driveway level.


The new deck was designed to maximize the space and to most enjoy the view. An outcropping was added and Duradek Ultra Heritage Sunrise vinyl was chosen as an excellent match to the home’s brick color.

Since the new deck provided roof-grade waterproofing, a useable lower level covered deck was also created giving the homeowner two new decks for the price of one. Below, he now has a dry deck area that can be used for additional seating and entertainment and the new deck above is now a maintenance free area to enjoy the great view.


With the narrow size of this deck, how to get the water off of the deck with no down spouts was a challenge. In this case, a gutter system was used.

From the upper level deck to the lower level deck, the gutter pipe was caulked to ensure that it is always waterproofed underneath. On the lower level, concrete was drilled to drain the water via a hose running further out into the property and away from the decks.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #139 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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