Project #138 | Residential Deck Repair, Portland, OR

Project: Residential Deck Repair, Portland, OR


This deck was originally treated with a “waterproof” elastomeric paint-on system. While inexpensive and easy to apply, it did not perform as intended and the deck leaks were so bad that the entire deck and surrounding structure had to be replaced.

Drywall, insulation, siding, framing, plywood, railing…all needed replacing because of water damage. This inexpensive waterproofing method has become a very expensive problem.


Once all of the structure’s substrate and other affected material had been replaced, the specially trained Duradek installer laid the Duradek Ultra Heritage Agate waterproof vinyl membrane.

With professional waterproof detailing and the 10-year warranty (increased to a 15-year warranty in June 2019) that comes with all Duradek Ultra membranes, the homeowner gains the peace of mind that his home is properly protected and that he will not be faced with further costly repairs.


Most failures with liquid coating systems stem from cracks that develop over time due to expansion and contraction. These types of problems are non-existent with Duradek as it moves with the substrate. The best way to reduce your risk when installing a deck over living space is to use a trained waterproof deck expert.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #138 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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