Project #137 | Residential Concrete Deck Repair, Park City, UT

Project: Residential Concrete Deck Repair, Park City, UT


The original surface of this radiant heated deck was a stamped concrete finish that failed, and the homeowner’s first attempt at a solution was to paint over it…but that failed too.

Their second attempt at a solution was to fill in the cracks with caulk; and while that may have slowed the inevitability of water invading the structure, it did not resolve the problem and it was certainly not an attractive finish.


The owner of this home wanted to know if Duradek could be installed on his radiant heated concrete roof deck. After a year from the initial inquiry, he had a Duradek installer come out to resolve the issue.

The installer first used a sander to remove all of the ridges and bumps on the surface, then professionally installed Duradek Ultra Marble Mocha to protect this roof deck that is directly over top of living space.


This city in one of Utah’s larges ski areas is home to many beautiful, high-end homes. After a trial and error method of ineffective solutions, this homeowner finally got what he wanted and what he had set out to achieve years ago…a waterproof, radiant heated, walkable roof deck.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #137 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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