Project #135 | Multi Residential Deck Renovations, Murray, UT

Project: Multi Residential Deck Renovations, Murray, UT


This condominium complex had a complex problem! Many units had shown evidence of water damage.

The problem was traced back to failed waterproofing on the balconies. The example (see link to pdf below for image) shows a deck that was shared between two units, with a fence between them. The closet on the deck holds the furnace and hot water heater for eacWhen the water damaged substrate was tore up, the sheetrock for the town-home below was totally visible.


After the damaged substrate had been removed and replaced with a new structure with proper water drainage channels, Duradek Ultra Surcoseal Latte vinyl was applied to the deck surface.

The vinyl membrane completely protects the new deck surface and guarantees that the residence underneath will not have any risk of water damage or mold issues due to a poorly waterproofed deck above.


While this project was initiated due to the serious nature of water damage and leaks, the residents of the re-built decks now have the advantage of a low maintenance deck surface with a clean, contemporary appearance.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #135 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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