Project #132 | Residential Deck Renovation, Uxbridge, ON

Project: Residential Deck Renovation, Uxbridge, ON


This split level deck provided a great outdoor perimeter on the second floor of the home, but its plank surface did not protect the patio area below.

When the deck started to show signs of age beyond the need for re-sanding and re-staining, and the structural integrity was questioned, the owner agreed it was time to rebuild.

He didn’t want to duplicate the same maintenance heavy deck that required so many hours of annual labor to maintain, and he really wanted a dry ground level patio in addition to his second story deck.


The original design of the deck was rebuilt, but this time the surface was prepared with plywood and waterproofed with Duradek Ultra Taupe Chip vinyl.

The vinyl was applied with the care and precision expected of authorized Duradek installers and the attention to detail included routering a recessed channel in the plywood where the vinyl seams met, allowing for a virtually invisible seam.

This roofing grade waterproofing membrane on the upper deck now provides reliable protection for a completely dry lower-level patio below.


The detailing in wrapping the stair steps with Duradek is a brilliant and beautiful method of providing a durable and long lasting stairway. With Duradek’s slip resistant finish, accessing the back yard is safe for both man and man’s best friend!

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #132 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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