Project #131 | Residential Deck Renovation, Kaysville, UT

Project: Residential Deck Renovation, Kaysville, UT


This residence in Kaysville had the advantage of a decent sized yard, but no deck to enjoy their outdoor living space – just a lonely slab of concrete outside of their back door.

The owners wanted to install a deck above for additional outdoor living while still making use of the slab below. They also wanted to have added dry storage below the deck that didn’t take up much of their leisure space.


Planned and built with the advantages of Duradek in mind, the deck was erected with the proper slope for water drainage before laying the vinyl.

The deck exit of a small switch-back stairway to the yard below serves a second valuable purpose as well. Underneath the landing of the stairway is an enclosed storage area giving the homeowners an additional 100 sq. ft. of DRY storage space…securely waterproofed on the stair landing above with Duradek Ultra Marble membrane.


The Duradek installer on this project is a perfect example of the professionalism of the Duradek Installer. While not important to all home owners, Shane always goes the extra mile in recessing the heat-welded seams of the Duradek vinyl for a very clean, smooth appearance.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #131 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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