Project #129 | Multi Residential Condominium Deck Additions, Salt Lake City, UT

Project: Multi Residential Condominium Deck Additions, Salt Lake City, UT


The owners of a beautiful brick heritage building in a distinguished neighborhood were converting the large structure into condominiums.

With a desire to best compliment the original building, the addition of residential decks was a challenge. Aside from the initial construction of the decks, the desire to use tile as a surface posed challenges of its own as the harsh Utah climate and temperature variations can be very hard on outdoor tile decks.


The builder responsible for this project had heard of Tiledek and the superior results reported as a waterproofing underlayment for outdoor tiles.

Not only does Tiledek provide reliable waterproofing while meeting the building code requirements for a roofing membrane, but its design is made specifically for adhering outdoor tiles and it enables the entire system to withstand the effects of extreme temperature variations and greatly reduce the chances of cracked or lifted tiles.


With professional installation and the product’s tested durability, the Duradek Tiledek waterproof underlayment will maintain its waterproof performance for many, many years. Even if there is surface damage to a tile above, the waterproofing underneath is still intact. No need to worry about leaks!

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #129 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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