Project #128 | Roofdeck at Harbour Point Marina Pavilion, Gainesville, GA

Project: Roofdeck at Harbour Point Marina Pavilion, Gainesville, GA


Catering to the residents of an upper class residential community, the deck of the Marina Pavilion provides a leisure area for guests and sits above the Harbour Master’s office and the maintenance and mechanical facility.

The original deck surface was constructed of plywood; sealed with an ineffective modified bitumen and covered with stamped concrete. Multiple cracks and crevices left this deck leaking for years.


The Gainesville Home Owners Association contacted Duradek’s Georgia Representative for a presentation of the benefits of Duradek. The group wisely chose to proceed with installing Duradek Granite vinyl on their walkable rooftop deck.

Not only did they get the Duradek guarantee that their deck vinyl will provide superior waterproofing, but they were also able to select a pattern that closely resembled the prior look of their original stamped concrete surface.


Leaking was an issue for years, and many attempts to solve the problem by applying several different types of liquid coatings proved ineffective. Now Gainesville residents know to do it right the first time – do it with Duradek.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #128 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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