Project #127 | Layton Living Seniors Residence, Layton, UT

Project #127 | Layton Living Seniors Residence, Layton, UT


The deck at this senior’s residence is a favorite spot for both residents and visitors. It was a Duradek vinyl membrane that they chose for this heavily used area that must provide good slip resistance and handle the wear of walkers and wheel chairs.

However durable, Duradek is not impervious to damage. When a high-backed claw-detailed cast iron chair fell over, it caused a small rip which needed a repair.


The residents notified their cleaning service who called their Duradek Installers immediately.

The very next day, the DekMax team was there to use Duradek’s heat-welding system to easily and quickly repair the small rip. The repaired spot would not be noticeable unless it was pointed out, and the residents can be assured their deck is still protected from the elements and still looks as great as it did before any damage occurred.


With the prompt notification by the maintenance staff at this facility, our trained Duradek installers were able to quickly and easily repair the vinyl within 24 hours-with little indication damage had ever been done.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #127 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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