Project #123 | Residential Multi Level Deck Repairs, Fruit Heights, UT

Project: Residential Multi Level Decks, Fruit Heights, UT


The large decks on these homes had been covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting. There was a rubber mat installed underneath but moisture found its way past into the wood underneath and the carpet simply held it there.

The deck began to rot and serious damage was done to the home. What the homeowner thought would be a small repair turned into a very significant one.


The OSB substrate was removed and replaced with 3/4 tounge and groove plywood. This provided an excellent substrate for the wonderful outdoor entertaining area.

There was such extensive damage from the water trapped under the carpet that even some of the posts had to be replaced. Once the Duradek was installed, the homeowners were able to enjoy their incredible view of the valley. Their new Duradek Heritage Sienna vinyl was a great compliment to the home’s color scheme.


The damage to this deck was so extensive that there was some concern about even being able to stand on it without falling through. Now it can take the weight of dozens of people enjoying the view!

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #123 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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