Project #114 | Harbour Side Residence, Vancouver, BC


This job came to us through Shell Busey, the creator of the HouseSmart Home Services Referral Network and home improvement expert. The customer and he worked together in broadcasting and he found out she was going to tile her outdoor decks. Tens of thousands of dollars had been spent having the deck rebuilt and waterproofed in preparation for a tile surface. Unfortunately, there was minimal slope, poor drain details and inadequate perimeter detailing.

The waterproofing was a granular surfaced torch-applied roof system, similar to shingles (no approvals, no warranty if tile applied over top). This job, as originally planned, was a guaranteed failure!



The deck was re-sloped and HardiBacker® was used as the final surface for the Tiledek to be applied to. The detailing on the perimeters was all done with appropriate roofing details and the appropriate tile was purchased to handle the Vancouver climate.

A tile professional, who had much experience with outdoor tile, was hired to do the job. He used top quality Mapei thinsets and grouts. Duradek Ultra Tiledek was the perfect solution to waterproof the structure and provide a method of holding the tile firmly to the substrate.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #114 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.


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