Project #106 | Mel Tillis Theater Branson Inn, Branson, MO

Project: Mel Tillis Theater Branson Inn, Branson, MO


A newly constructed four-story addition to the existing Inn had already experienced leaks on the outer edges of the hollow core balcony slabs where the concrete slabs had many cracks.

Previous attempts to waterproof the surface with liquid sealants proved unsuccessful. The owners were concerned about the long term effects of water penetration on the concrete and metal structure as well as the appearance.


Surface cracks were filled with a polymer grout. The concrete was broom finished and needed grinding to smooth it down. The Duradek Ultra Steel vinyl was applied with a contact type adhesive. The perimeters were secured with “L” trim to both the steel fascia and the brick wall.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #106 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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