Project #103 | Avoca Apartments, Toronto, Ontario

Project: Avoca Apartments, Toronto, Ontario


Two, twenty-story apartment buildings were experiencing serious leakage problems on balconies due to cracked concrete. The artificial turf on most of the balconies trapped moisture and contributed to delamination of the sloped concrete topping.

Not only was water entering the suites, but further serious damage due to the freeze-thaw cycle would inevitably require major reconstruction work if the areas were not completely waterproofed.


To determine the costs and problems for this project, a test phase of 20 balconies (between 200-550 sq.ft. ea.) was completed in year one. All the glued-down carpet was removed and disposed of. Many of the balconies had delaminated concrete, which was broken up with kango guns and removed at the rate of 14 cu.yds. per day.

Often working on a swing stage from outside the building, new drain holes were drilled through the concrete walls. The surface was troweled with an acrylic modified topping mix to provide smooth finish to accept the vinyl. After the Duradek Supreme (25 mil) Taupe was glued down, the perimeters were secured with “L” trim, used as a gum stop, and sealed with urethane.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #103 for complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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