Customer Testimonials on their Duradek Vinyl Decks

Letter from Customer – July 24, 2017

We would like to tell you our Duradek story. We have owned our home for 37 years. Initially we had a Duradek deck installed. Then, some 17 years later we had a deck rebuild and once again installed Duradek.

Last summer we noticed some soft wood around our sunken hot tub so called a Duradek dealer Lyle Haylock from Quality Vinyl Decking in Coquitlam. Fortunately we called the right people for the job! We needed a major deck rebuild and Lyle was able to reconfigure our deck to be significantly more user friendly. Lyle and his employee David handle their business as true professionals and we were very pleased in our choice of installer.

We are enjoying the deck immensely. Last week we had Lyle and David repair and resurface our second deck in Duradek.We would highly recommend Lyle as deck contractor and David as an excellent Duradek Installer.

Peter and Judy K., | Customer of Quality Vinyl Sundecks

Letter from Customer – May 25, 2017

We had our front porch refinished by the local Duradek contractor in Amherstburg, Ontario about 4 years ago, after deciding that we wanted a product that would be durable, beautiful, and maintenance free.

I am very happy to say that, to this day, I am so pleased with the result. The ease of cleaning, and never having to worry about caring for or replacing the floor is a big plus! The porch railings and structural posts were also a great choice! The powder coated finish means no flaking, fading or deterioration.

In short, I love this combo! yes, it may have cost more to do initially, but the knowledge that it will remain beautiful for years to come with only a sweep and a mop is well worth the investment! Thanks Greg! You did a wonderful job!

Laurie V. |  Customer of Duradek and Railing of Windsor

Letter from Customer – March 6, 2017


We are so excited to see the deck, done properly for the first time! We appreciate your expertise and the time you took to do it right and in such a timely manner!
Thank you!

Mahta S. | Customer of Duradek West

Letter from Customer – February 13, 2017

Hello Dave,

Quick update on our deck.

All is good! We’ve had 18.4″ of rain in the last 3 weeks and a big storm coming in. The river near us is at the highest level that anybody can remember.

After 8 years of our cement based deck coating leaking, cracking, and our despair, we are finally water tight! The Duradek product, drains, scupper plus replacement of a truckload of wood and 5,583 deck screws has worked!

So, as a word of thanks and advice….thank you for your help and ideas on our deck but, you may wish to warn people that their deck will be so nice afterwards that now they need to buy new deck furniture!

Jerry B. – Homeowner | Customer of Duradek West

Letter from Customer – September 14, 2015

Subject: My New Deck

Good Day and to whom it concerns;

Back in 2014 I contacted your head office and asked for a dealer or installer in my area. I reside in North Bay ON. I was given the name of a Mr. Jim Simpson, and this raildekoffice@gmail.com as his e-mail address. I then contacted Mr. Simpson, who sent me to a my local installer.

Short history, I had a really nice deck built or so I thought, less then 2 years and it was leaking and ruining my house. The other company would not honour their warranty because it was not installed by one of their people, but I bought the product from a store that they sell it at and installed by a person highly recommended by that store. The deck project, which he promised, would be 3 weeks took 15 weeks to finish. First spring it leaked worse then a sieve. So I am somewhat jaded towards contractors. So I called the head office in BC to get a local contractor and that is how I ended up dealing with Duradek.

Duradek deck for homeowner satisfaction

Andy was thrilled with his new deck and the professional services of his Duradek installers.

I knew things were not the same as with the other contractor when your people showed up on the correct day, at the correct time and with all their supplies. They also put in a very full long day of work. They did not let a sudden and cold shower slow them down. The second day once again at the correct time and they did a full day’s work. Third day dawned and they were once more on time, I was impressed. The third day was actually a short day. The deck is finished and it looks really awesome and I am extremely happy.

I was somewhat not happy that the Duradek installer would not let me help and he kept me sitting down. I was not even allowed to tidy up my own deck. He and his partner did everything. They both kept telling me to go and watch TV. They left and there was no clean up to do, all the trash and such were removed from the site.

People are quick to call to complain but few are willing to take the time to send a note and say how happy they are with the results of the people employed by anyone, but you folks at Duradek should be extremely proud of the way they represent your company by doing an exceptional job, which they did and this will do nothing short to ensure that the reputation of Duradek is maintained and broadened. I want to thank them for going above and beyond the scope of their work and making my deck another room in the house and for their prompt and excellent work. Even if they did not let me do anything.

Mr. Andy R. – Homeowner | Customer of Raildek

Previous Customer Comments

“I really was led to believe that properly treated wood would be impervious to the weather. Well, I found out it wasn’t, and boy was it a painful experience. Now I know that Duradek is the only guarantee of a maintenance free deck!”

E. Hartmann, Homeowner

“The level of service and quality installation of six new condominium patio surfaces was beyond our expectations. Waterproofing, structural integrity and artistic appearance. Duradek delivered all of this on schedule, without inconvenience to our homeowners.”

J. Highwater President, The Vista Larrabee Homeowners Association

“Through a lot of wear and tear and 14 seasons of wet weather, Duradek has performed better than we ever expected. 120 steps (and ramps) walked on by almost one million customers, and still standing up. There is nothing else that works like Duradek.”

L.J. Champigny, Vice President, Wet ‘N’ Wild Waterpark

“Duradek offered me a selection of colors and patterns to choose from to match the exterior of my house, in a product that is so easy to keep clean. My husband is thrilled with the fact that he now has a waterproof workshop under our gorgeous 600 sq. ft. sundeck.”

S. & M. Bird, Homeowner

“Duradek was a pricier waterproofing solution. However, the life cycle cost is where I’ve really saved, considering that to date, I have not had to recoat any surfaces. The product is 14 years old and still doing its job.”

Peter Collins, Westlake Property Management

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