Home Improvement Trailblazer Shell Busey Talks with Duradek Expert

Celebrity builders like Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler and Scott MacGillivray offer their high-profile building advice on the airwaves to a very appreciative audience, but these cutting edge T.V. personality builders had the road to their home renovation audience paved by pioneer Shell Busey and his House Smart Network. Shell is probably one of the most knowledgeable men in North America regarding building products and he knows the value of doing it right the first time.

Shell Busey
Shell Busey

Just as Duradek pioneered the use of PVC membranes for waterproof deck surfacing, Shell Busey forged the trail for the industry of home improvement experts that have become a new breed of the North American celebrity.

So what is it that makes these celebrity builders and home improvement experts attract our attention and earn our trust? It is their knowledge and experience with a topic common to the most of us…our homes. The home improvement experts take our basic need for shelter and show us how to maximize space, value and personal enjoyment from our homes which is one of the most important investments we make for both practical value and quality of life.

Check out this House Smart Coffee Break video clip featuring a recent interview with Shell and Duradek Sales Manager, Kevin MacMillan.

Remember, if you need decking advice, call on a Duradek dealer in your area…and if you need other home improvement advice, you can ask Shell Busey at www.askshell.com.

Shell Busey has been in the home improvement industry for more than 50 years and while his notoriety is mostly renowned in his home base of south western B.C., he has national recognition throughout Canada and is known in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. as a reliable source of home improvement information. Everything from fundamental building products to the care and maintenance of specific features of your home, Shell Busey’s website, www.askshell.com is a fantastic resource for your home improvement questions.

Proud Member of Shell Busey's House Smart Referral NetworkShell has a long-standing relationship with Duradek and has been sharing the advantages of the Duradek waterproofing systems with homeowners for many years. Starting with our original Duradek waterproof, walkable membrane to our uniquely reliable Tiledek membrane for exterior tile projects, Shell knows a good product!

When your whole business is about referring people to the right resources for their home improvement projects, you must be very confident in the products you recommend and Shell has been recommending Duradek for decades!




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