Watch HGTV to See How the Professionals Rely on Duradek Ultra Tiledek

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 7th, 2013, HGTV’s lifestyle series ‘Income Property’ airs episode ‘Nick and Karen’ in which Duradek Ultra Tiledek  is used to solve a difficult waterproofing problem. Airing on November 7th on HGTV Canada and Tuesday November 12th on HGTV U.S. (check your local listings) Income Property is all about bringing in revenue from your real estate. Protecting the structure of the home and your investment into it while avoiding costly repairs is a very important part of that.

Many HGTV programs show what can happen in a home where years of DIY projects or even the use of unqualified contractors can turn a simple project into a catastrophic rebuild, but perhaps no home renovation or maintenance project is as critical as waterproofing. Once water has invaded a home, wood rot, mold and a number of undesirable consequences can turn even a mostly well built home into an ongoing maintenance project.

That is why it is so important to use qualified tradesmen for the specialty skill of deck waterproofing. Not only is it important to have a structurally sound and waterproofed deck, but there is a direct relation to the water-tightness of the building envelope that can affect other areas of the home. This is particularly important when a deck is situated over living space….and that is why even the professional builders call on Duradek for waterproofing decks over living space. (See how HGTV’s Builder Boss used Tiledek in a unique roof deck application over a subterranean room in our article ‘The Builder Boss Relies on Duradek Ultra Tiledek’ or how Mike Holmes made it right with Duradek on episode 7081 Rocky Reno.

porch waterproofed with Tiledek
Stone, tile and pavers still require a method of waterproofing underneath.

On Income Property’s ‘Nick and Karen”, Duradek Ultra Tiledek is used to waterproof a small back porch. Tiledek is the ideal membrane waterproofing for use under outdoor tile. Many people are familiar with the original Duradek membranes that provide the waterproofing and walking surface in one, but Tiledek provides secure roof grade waterproof protection with a PVC membrane that was developed with a textured surface to best adhere thin set tiles. Used in conjunction with other elements of your outdoor tile assembly, Tiledek is able to provide relief from leaky tile decks where other systems fail. In this particular project the overall square footage of the porch does not make it seem like a significant factor, but the fact that it is situated over living space which is intended to be the income generating part of the property makes it one of the most critical details in this project overall.

incomeproperty_360x270Income Property host, Scott McGillvary’s hands on approach to renovation and real estate has enabled him to build his own real estate empire with dozens of properties and hundreds of tenants. Scott takes his knowledge and experience to help cash-strapped homeowners and teaches them how to generate income from their existing residence. A big part of that is starting with the right products for home renovations.

If you are interested in a free quote for waterproofing your tile deck with Duradek Ultra Tiledek, contact one of our authorized installers near you.

And remember, check you local listings and get that PVR ready for Income Property on November 7th or November 11th!

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