Duradek Distributor AMA Roofing Supplies Sells Service

…and they sell Duradek Vinyl too

AMA Roofing Supplies is a family business.

Duradek Distributor AMA Roofing Supplies is a perfect example of the type of service and support you can expect from the Duradek network of distributors and dealers throughout North America. Based out of Hamilton, Ontario, AMA Roofing Supplies is a family owned and operated business run by the brother-sister team, Andrew and Monique. With humble beginnings back in 1979, their father launched AMA with a single pick-up truck and trailer and the company grew steadily from the start with one word – SERVICE.

The dedication to service was the key to AMA’s growth over the decades and has consistently been the mainstay of the AMA Roofing Supplies philosophy. AMA Roofing Supplies now has grown to a fleet of 4 large trucks that are on the road full time and they maintain a high-quality staff and associations with trained professionals who are experts in their specialties.

Brother-Sister team Andrew and Monique from AMA Roofing Supplies
Monique and Andrew agree on
the importance of Service

Whether you are a professional contractor or a weekend warrior battling your renovations yourself, Andrew and Monique will give you the straight-up support you need with informative advice and excellent product knowledge. The most important thing to AMA is that your project is done right. Whether you are doing a small residential roof repair or a large commercial roof deck, AMA provides their customers with the best product selection and the information they need to ensure the products and installation methods chosen are truly the best ones for the job at hand.

When it comes to roof deck projects, don’t be surprised if AMA recommends that you utilize the services of an authorized Duradek installer to complete the waterproofing phase of your roof deck. Duradek is the most tested single-ply vinyl membrane on the market today and it is only installed by trained and authorized installers. This is because waterproofing installation details are so extremely critical to the overall success of your project and both AMA Roofing Supplies and Duradek operate with the mission of ensuring the job is done right the first time.

While hiring the services of a waterproofing professional may add to the overall cost of your project, it can save you 10-fold versus having to go in and repair damage from water leaks and need to re-do your roof deck all over again. If you are considering a decking project, it is well worth your while to consult with AMA Roofing Supplies or a Duradek dealer in your area for a free estimate.

Let AMA Roofing Supplies Show You How to Do it the Right Way with Duradek

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