Duradek Distributor AMA Roofing Supplies Has a Strong 2012

AMA Introduces 15 New Duradek Installers to Ontario

AMA Building Supplies AMA Roofing Supplies, a family owned and operated business based out of Hamilton, Ontario completed its second Duradek training program of the year this December, finishing 2012 with a total of 15 new Duradek installers to service the Hamilton-Toronto regions of Ontario.

The most recent training was conducted by Duradek Sales Manager, Kevin MacMillan who was thrilled at the expertise these newly authorized Duradek dealers bring to Duradek’s network of professional installers. Several of the new trainees came to the Duradek training session with an existing background in roofing and vinyl waterproofing and were able to competently understand and perform the waterproofing installation details that all Duradek installers must possess in order to be authorized to install Duradek vinyl.

Duradek’s requirement that only quality-trained waterproofing specialists be authorized to install Duradek vinyl is one of the key features that distinguishes Duradek from other similar products on the market. A philosophy shared by both Duradek president, John Ogilvie and AMA Roofing Supplies, Andrew Courchesne is that no matter how great a product is, if it is not installed properly you will not get the performance that you desire.

AMA Roofing Supplies is happy to provide a range of excellent products and exceptional customer service whether you are a large professional contractor or an uncertain do-it-yourselfer. It is important to AMA that your project is completed properly, and often, arming you with the right tools or some extra information is all you need. Sometimes, however, they may recommend that you retain the services of a specialist. This is often the case in roof decks where the waterproofing details are very particular and extremely critical in protecting your building envelope from slow but dangerously expensive water damage. Don’t take any chances with your home.

If you are in the Hamilton area, stop by and visit the AMA Roofing Supplies showroom or take advantage of a free estimate from a Duradek Dealer near you.

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