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Deck Ideas…

As the Industry Leader in Vinyl Decking since 1974, Duradek of North America has come up with several Deck Ideas over the years. Taking their lead from the marine industry, which used PVC as hull liners, Duradek pioneered the idea of using vinyl to waterproof decks.

Previously, decks were built of traditional wood slats. They did not waterproof, could not be used as a roof, nor could they protect the area below to allow for dry storage.

The First Big Deck Idea – Duradek Vinyl Decking

The idea behind a Duradek Vinyl Deck is to create a solid, waterproof walking surface, which in turn acts as a roof, protecting the living area below or creating dry storage under a regular deck.

Brilliant! Waterproof and walkable in a single product solution.  Include some texture for slip resistance; then add a variety of patterns and colors. Practical waterproof protection and exterior design could come together in a cost-effective application.

So now we have a sheet membrane decking product with no drying or curing time so it can be used immediately after installation. There’s also the added bonus of long-lasting performance requiring no waterproofing maintenance.

Now, almost 45 years later, the idea of using Duradek vinyl for decks is a common practice in most areas of North America.

However, that is not the only decking inspiration for outdoor walking surfaces. The success of Duradek vinyl decking inspired 2 additional Deck Ideas to compliment the traditional Duradek line of vinyl. Duradek TILEDEK and Duradek PLAZADEK. These 2 new Deck Ideas allow Duradek to perform the same waterproofing function in 2 new exterior flooring situations.

The Second Great Deck Idea – Duradek Plazadek System

The idea behind Plazadek is to act as the waterproofing membrane underneath a floating deck system, such as pavers or wood duckboards.

Some outdoor walking surfaces are subject to a very high amount of traffic and wear. In these cases, some people would prefer wear surfaces like concrete or brick pavers, duckboards or other highly durable surfaces. That’s all fine when a high traffic area needs a durable surface, but what about the waterproofing?

The proven waterproofing success of the Duradek membrane naturally translated for use under a floating system. Sure, Duradek vinyl could be the wear surface, but it could also act as the waterproofing component in a floating system. Whether wood duckboards on a sleeper overlay, concrete and stone paver overlays, or poured concrete overlays, the Duradek Plazadek system offers assembly details that utilize the benefits of the Duradek waterproof membrane.

Plazadek by Duradek - Waterproofing Under Floating Deck Systems

The Third Amazing Deck Idea – Duradek Tiledek

The idea behind Tiledek is to provide a waterproofing underlayment membrane specifically for use under a Tile or Porcelain Deck.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are another deck wear surface that is desirable. This is often more for its elegant look that its durability. Yes, tile decks are beautiful, but they are notoriously troublesome for water leaking issues. With outdoor tike, the waterproofing component is not always considered as much as the look. While a popped or cracked tile is an obvious problem, the result of a failed tile deck can often include damage below the tiles and into the home.

Duradek’s proven waterproofing membrane inspired the perfect solution – Tiledek. The Tiledek membrane takes all of the waterproofing advantages of the regular Duradek membrane. The difference is that it is constructed with a geotextile fabric surface. This design is to specifically provide compatibility to best accept a thinset mortar in exterior tile applications. In one of Duradek’s recommend Tiledek assemblies, outdoor tile projects gain huge advantages in waterproof performance and longevity.

Something to Think About…

Duradek developed its products with the wear and tear and abuse of everyday life in mind. Its primary purpose, of course, is to waterproof… fully protect the surface from rot or decay and to form a roof over the space beneath. Duradek’s secondary purpose, but to many of our customers its most appealing feature, is its attractive, contemporary appearance. In any case, a Duradek Deck will provide the ultimate in value and waterproof protection.

All Duradek membranes are installed by trained and authorized contractors. To talk to a Duradek professional about your specific project, contact an Authorized Dealer in your area for a free estimate.

originally published May 12, 2011 | updated October 2, 2018

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