Case History #160 – Lakeside Cabin Railing Replacement


Cabin Deck Renovation Railing Replacement, Hatheume Lake, BC.


Summer was in full swing but with so little time to properly enjoy it, the last thing the owners of this cabin wanted to do was spend time sanding, painting and sealing under the heat of the summer sun.

But as natural aging wore down the protection on this wood railing system, the unsightly chipped and peeling paint was not the big concern. The painful splinters in fingers from the railing was not even the biggest concern.

What mattered most was safety and as the elements aged the wood railing more, its vulnerability increased and its stability decreased.

wood railing in need of maintenance
This wood railing needs a lot of maintenance to stay protected and structurally secure.


The safety of the deck was the most important issue, but with such a beautiful view, the owners wanted a deck that would make the most of their surroundings. Durarail Panorama Post was the perfect solution to compliment their deck. This topless glass system allowed the cabin owners to maximize the view from the deck with a system that provides the important function of a guard rail without pickets or even a top rail.

Durarail Topless Glass Railing Fascia Mounted
Durarail Panorama Post Topless Glass Railing System Fascia Mounted

Plus, unlike pickets, it has the desirable feature of a wind blocker for the heavy breeze that can come off of the lake. Around the barbecue area where extra wind protection was needed, it was provided by using higher glass inserts.

Durarail Panorama Post acting as a wind blocker
Higher glass inserts allow Durarail Panorama Post to provide extra wind blocking where needed.


In addition to the beautiful appearance the Panorama Post Topless Glass Railing System brings to this deck, its low maintenance waterproof durability was a real asset.

The powder coated aluminum posts stand up to the elements better than any other railing material available and requires no maintenance.

Additionally, the fascia mounted system allowed the railing to be installed without compromising the waterproof integrity of their recently installed vinyl deck membrane.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #160 for the complete case history with installer details and before and images.

Railing Replacement Before and After from Duradek
Wow! What a transformation…now they can really enjoy the view.
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