Durarail Canada Approvals

Durarail aluminum handrail and guard systems have been tested or evaluated to the applicable requirements of the following model Building Codes (in PDF file format).

NBC (National Building Code of Canada, 2005)

1.72" Square Post Assemblies - Fascia Mounted - NEW!:

NBC (National Building Code of Canada, 1995)

1 5/8" Square Post Assemblies: Some jurisdictions or consultants have design requirements greater than those stated in the applicable adopted Code. In these cases contact Excell Railing Systems. We can provide custom designed aluminum railing systems to meet most design requirements. Durarail and Excell railing products are manufactured by Excell Railing Systems. For more information – If you have any questions or require a copy of a Canadian test document, please phone Excell Railing Systems toll free at 866-999-7245 or send us an e-mail .