Safety Data Sheets (SDS), formerly
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for
Deck Building Safety

Deck building safety is important and requires more consideration than harnessing workers on elevated decks. Duradek encourages all construction professionals to consult with the Safety Data Sheets for all products and accessories. These materials are an important component of product stewardship, occupational safety and health and spill-handling procedures.

Your safety matters.

Vinyl Deck Membranes Safety Data Sheets

Duradek PVC Membranes

Adhesives Safety Data Sheets

D763-1 – Latex Trowel-On Adhesive

D763-R – Latex Roller Grade Adhesive

D 811-23-W – Contact Adhesive (winter grade)

D 811-23-S – Contact Adhesive (summer grade)

D1307 – Brush Grade Contact Cement

Xylol – Adhesive Thinner for use with Contact Adhesive

Safety Data Sheets for Other Products Available From Duradek

.5″ Butyl Tape – .5 inch Butyl Tape

.75″ Butyl Tape – .75 inch Butyl Tape

Planipatch – Cement Based Filler

Planipatch Plus – Cement Based Filler Additive

Duradek Deck Cleaner – Vinyl Cleaner

Big O – Citrus Based Cleaner

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